This seems to become a yearly tradition now. Every time the pear tree gives fruit, about half of it gets turned into a cake. It's actually just the recipe for a traditional apple pie, but with the apples replaced by pears. Very tasty though! I'm not so adventurous with this kind of stuff, so I love doing the same thing over. Simple and straightforward. 




I didn't mess up the title right? Haha, anyway, I'd like to wish all my buddies and everyone else reading this a merry christmas and a great 2017! I guess it's on to more food, drinks, games, and trips. Just to name a few of the good things the new year is sure to bring! For now though, let's end this year accompanied with family & friends and again, best wishes to you all!




So, as you probably expected, I'm playing a lot of Pokémon GO at the moment like the other half of the population. So what's better than to take it outside and try catching different mons on areas you didn't visit before? So, of course I tried the app during my vacation in Winterberg last week. I also tried the Incense Middle of Nowhere method and it truly works. Even though my phone's signal was nearly out of reach in the deepest part of the forest, I did catch some rarer Pokémon like Ghastlies and Eevee's that usually don't spawn by an Insence.





For some more appealing photos of that vacation, see the previous blogposts. For the 'Pokénerds', here are some AR photos below.


So, last week I went on a family trip to Winterberg, Germany. A little town with surrounding wintersports area, which is of course lacking snow and any activity at the moment. Though we went for the hiking, food, and of course beer! We also visitited a local brewery in Willingen (I think their beer 'Willinger' doesn't get exported making it a local treat, but I'm not sure). Until next time! 






This was the third beer brewery I visited in my life. This time the somewhat well known out of German beers 'Bitburger'. Of course they have their own bar with fresh beer, and gotta love the warm pretzel! Also, the area near this place surrounding the river 'La Moselle' is nice to explore, with it's fresh mountain-ish air.


Old not-in-use kettlePilsener and warm pretzel

La Moselle

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