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This seems to become a yearly tradition now. Every time the pear tree gives fruit, about half of it gets turned into a cake. It's actually just the recipe for a traditional apple pie, but with the apples replaced by pears. Very tasty though! I'm not so adventurous with this kind of stuff, so I love doing the same thing over. Simple and straightforward. 



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A while back I noticed my October 2013 post showing a pear pie I baked. Well, the pear tree in our garden spawned even more pears this year and earlier too! So I decided to follow the same recipe and bake it again. This time however, I made the pears a little more tender by cookies them in hot water with some sugar for about 15 minutes before finishing it for baking. I sure love the result!


It's amazing that this:




Is turned into this:





In about a few hours. There are still some pears growing on that tree that, when ready to harvest, I'd just eat by hand or maybe stew.

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Yes, I like oriental foods. Not just the usual takeout stuff, but especially the stuff you'll order at a restaurant. This night I visited a local one again, so much that the chinese owner starts to recognize my last name.. Anyway, these were the most special dishes of the night, kind of strange looking stewfried pork pastries and a children's ice cream, because yeah, I never grew over the sugar sparkles somehow.



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Not much to say about these. It's just that I found them in the local supermarket and haven't seen them before. Apparently they're a mix between croisants and donuts. I filled them with blueberry marmelade and suddenly it tastes like France, America, and Holland joined forces. 



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My home area used to be nothing but fruit gardens and farmland before there was a neighborhood, so there are still lots of leftover fruit trees in the area. During autumn, each every few years these old trees produce a minor fruit harvest, and since the average modern civilian won't pick their food off the ground anymore, we've got lots of free apples and pears to enjoy this year!


Today I used some of this pear-overflow to bake a tasty pie for family & friends to enjoy. I don't bake all too often, but when I do I tend to be very patient in the process and go for a smooth result. I posted a picture of it below, fresh out of the oven. It tastes good and friends appear to agree!


Until we have smell & taste output for computers, you can enjoy the picture! 



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Very cecently, James reminded me of the existence of Chromebooks with his blog post. Basically, they're small affordable laptops running ChromeOS, a Linux-based system build all around cloud & web technology. Google is one of the prime supporters of using the 'web' as a software platform rather than just producing and consuming information, and Chromebooks basically are built towards that idea.


Anyway, since they're very affordable and I never saw or used one I decided to pick one up for myself to use among my other gadgets. It's a Samsung series 3 Wifi model, which was tested slightly better than the Acer one I was also considering. I'm thrilled to try and proof that Chromebooks can definitely do more than surfing and emailing, that the web is ready to become a full productive platform replacing common desktop features!



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Well, I got VIP today and decided to spice up this blog with a new theme. I'm not sure when it's done, but it will sure get more lively around here. This blog post also serves as a placeholder for the theme graphics, so ignore the attachments, heh. 

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Haven't posted here for a long long time and guess what, my next blogpost is when another site overhaul struck. So what is there to say about hoo.do? Well, at least Infopop (Social Strata, but I like to call them by their 'real' name) put the theme function back. The profiles and wall look more clean now, too.


I guess it's better than Facebook, I left that place since the customizations (plugins) from the wall were removed. That was a real shame, I loved to show all kind of imported stuff such as gaming achievements and activities on my Facebook profile. Now Facebook is in full control over their users, I guess.


Anyway, Google+ isn't doing much better, so as long as Hoo.do gets some advertising going on, or if people spread the word, it might just be a nice alternative social network for those who want to be in control over your profile and your content.


I might stick around here every now and then, and keep up the good work, Infopop!

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Wow I haven't been checking this site for a long time, I believe I only answered some dialogs every now and then. Well, since the original network became more and more of a music showcase for indie artists and fans, I began to lose control of the site and overlooked many blogposts of you all that would have been of interest. This makes me glad that the original social network is separated, yet still linked, from the music network. I'm posting this mainly to get a hand on the site again, and I'll try to check in more often than I did last year!

I'm wondering one thing however, why is the functionality for custom themes dropped with LiveCloud? Custom themes have been proven to be a worthy addition to profile pages in any social network and represent either feelings and/or interests of the personality of the person, thus making the profile more 'social' in some way. I understand that custom colors could make text hard to read and could 'break' the lay-out in those terms, but the solution to that was already added, the option to set the theme back to default with one click. I also know that it's somewhat an advanced feature not everybody would break a sweat on, and I know that the ability to publish custom themes added a lot of junk to the selection, but I'd love to see some kind of themes or custom colors back into the scene!

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lol Windows98.. This is the desktop of my older PC. have fun! I post it as a link because for some reason I can't upload pictures here..

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Hello Groupee's, I'm not really active on this site these days, but to bring some more happy faces, here's a little game for you all. The rules are simple, you have to answer to the previous posters 'stupid' question and then ask a new 'stupid' question to the next poster. Please try to keep your questions E-Rated and prevent spamming. Here's a silly example:


Why is Apple and their iPhone such a hype?

Because people's thumbs are broken.


Why do we think rain is awful?
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Some of you wanted to hear my voice and accent, so here it is! You can surely hear that my little microphone doesn't work like it should, so I hope it's enough. Also, I haven't talked much English last months, so I hope you can understand my words.. Have fun! Wink
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