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So, last week I went on a family trip to Winterberg, Germany. A little town with surrounding wintersports area, which is of course lacking snow and any activity at the moment. Though we went for the hiking, food, and of course beer! We also visitited a local brewery in Willingen (I think their beer 'Willinger' doesn't get exported making it a local treat, but I'm not sure). Until next time! 





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This was the third beer brewery I visited in my life. This time the somewhat well known out of German beers 'Bitburger'. Of course they have their own bar with fresh beer, and gotta love the warm pretzel! Also, the area near this place surrounding the river 'La Moselle' is nice to explore, with it's fresh mountain-ish air.


Old not-in-use kettlePilsener and warm pretzel

La Moselle

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Here's a video with some smartphone footage of the Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka. Because everything worth viewing in aquariums is behind glass, taking photos can be a challenging task. I rarely take videos but in this case it was so much easier to let the camera autofocus behind the glass. Anyway, my favorite part has to be the divers blowing bubbles around 3:32 in, I still wonder how they do that!


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Hi all! Just want to note that I'm going on vacation to Japan for 15 days, starting today. It's a trip from Tokyo to Osaka with direct flights, showing both tourist hotspots and calm hiking areas. I'll make sure to take pictures along the trip and post them here! 


As you may or may not have heard, I was away for a week to visit the German eiffel region. A low mountain area somewhat near the Dutch and Belgian border. I've hiked around a lot, took a swim every now and then, and of course drank lots of beer in the local bars! But instead of producing a wall of text, let's leave most of the talking to the pictures!



On the left is how typical German architecture looks. These houses are not too modern nor classic, it's fairly standard. On the right is a monumental 'castle' that supposedly used to house stuff for waterworks.



The left shows a view from somewhere up high. Well, it's not that high, but compared to Dutch standards it sort of is, haha. The right shows the same river from below. I love that little stone bridge!



The pic on the left, well, I don't know what kind of animal that is.. Probably some kind of deer. They were both shy and curious (for food of course). On the right is apfelstrudel, the real deal! 

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As I told in my last post here, last month I went on vacation for a midweek to the Dutch island Texel. I forgot to take good pictures since I walked the dog a lot, nothing I took is relevant enough to post here. I did however notice that the lighthouse in one of the pictures I did took was in one of the standard wallpapers from Windows 7. I took the photo from a slightly different angle and, sadly, the weather was way more gloomy. I don't know when the Windows 7 photo was made, but there are some noticable differences between then and now. So I made this fun pic: 



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Just a small note that I'm on vacation to Texel (Dutch island) for a week. I'll check the internet from time to time, but nothing excessive. See you all on or after 26-9 for more ramblings and such! 


I got to visit the Dutch beer brewery from Hertog Jan in Arcen for a guided tour. Anyone reading this blog might know that I'm very familiar with this brand of beer. Basically, the brewers here showed the common process of how to brew beer from start to finish, as well as how changes to the ingredients and the brewing process reflect the color and taste of the final product. It was a rainy day with not a single ray of sunlight reaching the surface, so I hope you can live with the greyish tone in the picture. 


Of course we can't get enough of this golden liquid (I'm no alcoholic, stay calm ), so it's good to exactly know how it's made in order to enjoy it even more. This brewery is also the only one in Europe to have a 'beer pipe' that directly transports the goods to the nearest bar (as shown in the picture). How convenient! 




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This week, from sunday to friday (tomorrow), I went on a vacation to Drenthe, the Netherlands. A province known for dense forests, farmers, and prehistoric dolmen. We explored the environment for several hours a day, and I got to take several pictures of some points of interest.



I took this picture from a street near our stay, and thought it was a nice panoramic view that can't be much more flat! They say the Netherlands is a flat country, but this tops it all! 




This dolmen (hunebed) is found and excavated in a forest area a few miles near. It's apparently some kind of grave. I tried to crawl my way in and tried to make a picture, but it was too dark and the path was blocked by rusty metal bars, probably from the excavators. Anyway, I like prehistoric stuff!




This is an old abandoned settlement, probably left there for public view, as the roof looks renewed. The stone in the front looks old, and curious..




This is a view from the inside of that settlement.




An old farm and a pub, it had a nice local beer. Or actually, it was beer brewed it Belgium from ingredients harvested in Drenthe. 




A shop in the village near sold some old stuff. There also was an 'Apple Museum' that I took a tour in, showing the history of all Apple computer lines from a hobbyist. Yes, it's weird to see an old-style town housing a museum about computers..

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Tonight I went to a local event supporting the importance of darkness at night for the wellness of the ecosystem. However, i mainly came to join the star gazing party who support the event as darkness is important for star gazing as well. Star gazing is like an uncommon hobby of mine that pops in every now and then. I own a simple Meade mirror telescope to do it, but the party I went to had all sorts of bigger and more expensive equipment.


In the end I got to see a clear view of the Milky Way, several nebula's, 2 falling stars by chance, and some of the brighter star clusters. Pictured below is the beamer screen used beforehand for the lecture about darkness, and a Newton telescope used to view star clusters. Enjoy! 



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Since friday I've been on a little mid-week vacation to the largest forest
in the Netherlands. I can't think of much else to say about it, there's
hours and hours of hiking, lots of abandoned farm shafts, and some
restaurants if you search the area carefully. I've posted some pictures of
things I saw, more may follow later when I find the time to write again,


Pine forest

Sand hills

Red ant

Slow worm

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This morning I walked just out of town and saw that they started digging
near this farmland to create a lake for recreational purposes (top-right in
the picture). Officials somewhat promised the lake, but it took them a
whopping 10+ years to actually start digging (as always, lol). Well then, I
guess we'll have a new spot to cool down next year's summer, on walking
distance from home. 



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Today, after another game of billiars I decided to go on a quick hiking at
the river called the 'Niers' which is the Dutch river coming from eastern
Europe, that will eventually split up into the 'Maas' which is an important
industrial shipping channel. Nevertheless, the nature in and around the
river is protected and is apparently a starting point to re-introduce the
Beaver. And If I recall, there's also a yearly returning Stork's nest. The
workers and sand hills seen in the 2nd picture's background is due to the
building of a new bridge to the town across. Enjoy!




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Here are two landscape pictures we took at our vacation to Czech. It was a beautiful country with mountains and forests, perfectly to take a long walk. Also, there were lots of fun things to do in the many small cities and the food was great. Anyway, I'll post some landscape pictures from my country soon, too.




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