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So, as you probably expected, I'm playing a lot of Pokémon GO at the moment like the other half of the population. So what's better than to take it outside and try catching different mons on areas you didn't visit before? So, of course I tried the app during my vacation in Winterberg last week. I also tried the Incense Middle of Nowhere method and it truly works. Even though my phone's signal was nearly out of reach in the deepest part of the forest, I did catch some rarer Pokémon like Ghastlies and Eevee's that usually don't spawn by an Insence.





For some more appealing photos of that vacation, see the previous blogposts. For the 'Pokénerds', here are some AR photos below.

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Here are 2 videos showing my favorite leisure activity during my trip to Japan, arcade games! If you're not particularly interested in games, then I suggest watching the first video where you can finally see my face, something that rarely happens after I closed my Facebook account long ago. 


All of the stuff in the other video are shoot 'em ups by CAVE, which were found in 2 different arcades in Kyoto and Osaka. I also visited a few different ones in Akihabara (in Tokyo) where mostly modern stuff was found. I didn't took any interesting photos there (though some pictures of that neighborhood are in my big blogpost). Enjoy and until next time!



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I just found this Ferrari F355 Challenge arcade game by SEGA while on vacation in the German Eiffel region. It was in an empty-feeling room right next to a beer café (and you know I enjoy drinking local beers everywhere I go). Sadly, the game didn't work. I plugged it in, then it tried to connect both players 'seats' for versus play but apparently they couldn't negotiate. Maybe someone pulled a plug connecting them? Well, I have the habit of blogging about arcade and public amusement games wherever I find this dying breed of entertainment, so I pictured this broking thing anyway. I'll probably post some nature-related images tomorrow, as the German Eiffel region sure is pretty to see in early spring! 



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Yesterday I went to a bowling alley and arcade called 'Taurus' as part of a trip. This particular venue is known for it's flashy lights and loud music, which makes it a popular party spot for the younger audience. We did a 1-hour bowling game and spend around $20 on several arcade games thereafter, some of which are pretty rare finds here in NL, such as Mario Kart ArcadeGP and F-Zero AX. Not shown in the picture, but also played by me were House of the Dead and Tekken 5. Taurus' motto is 'Fun, Food, and Fantasy' so we also ate a healthy Pizza and french fries afterwards. 





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Lately I've been really into the latest edition of Mario Kart, part 8 on the Wii U! Instead of writing an unnecessarely long review, I'll just get to the point and tell you what the fuzz is all about. 


As always, the game is of the 'funracer' subgenre of racing games. Which means it's based on having a good time with friends (and by yourself) rather than copying realistic racing physics. The controls are as simple as always, there's gas, brakes, steering left & right, use item, and drift.


The game contains 16 new tracks and 16 recycled tracks updated to include this game's new mechanics. I'm rarely amazed by new video games but the graphical details and track design that went into the new tracks sure took my breath away for a while! There's also more diversity than ever in the vehicles, as there are the usual karts and bikes to choose from, but also some new triads and quads which is fun to race with once in a while! 


A good improvement concerning items is the Super Horn. Basically, a toot from this horn will destroy any obstacle like shells and banana peels that block your road, even the flying blue shell! You get more change to get this item when you move up the ranks during a race, so the previously unavoidable finally becomes avoidable! Another good addition is the improved online mode. Yes, this was in Mario Kart 7 too, but here we can join online races with 2 players on the couch! 


So if you happen to own a Wii U, or know someone who has. I suggest you give this funracer a try. It's fun for the whole family, while hobbyists like me have enough skill to show off too!

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I posted this in a different blog post because it has little or nothing to do with the actual vacation experience. But I do tend to visit local arcades whenever I find them to enjoy some classic fun & games! So please see my previous post for pictures and details on the actual vacation. My favourite game in this arcade was 'Le Mans 24', a full body racing game made by Sega based on the 24 Hours Le Mans race. Another nice game was 'The Flintstones' pinball game, based on the live action movie. There also was a fun bowling game, an air hockey, a pool table, and 2 Xbox 360 demo pods.





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It's the time of the year that there's this local carnival in town. With lots of family games and rides scattered across the center. I can't deny spending some time there seeing everyone around me having fun while I try my luck at some crane games, etc. This year there also was a Skee Ball stand, something which comes pretty rare these days. It's one of those skill games where I can guarantee myself enough points for a prize, lol.




The crane games in the stand shown in the picture sadly weren't skill cranes. They're those operator-programmable machines where claw grip strength depends on the amount of coins inserted since last payout. Nevertheless, even though it's more of a gambling game that way, I tried a few time without success. Best strategy would be to wait and see which machines are played the most by other people, and 'strike in' when you see a noticable change in grip strength longevity, but on the other hand that would be pretty cruel, lol.




Either way, the always common child in me is satisfied once again. 

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So, after some hiking through another part of the forest, which was partly inaccessible due to the risk of buried explosives from a former German ammo depot, I found that a local bar in the area had this little game corner with pool and stuff. I'm used to playing Billiards but since I was alone, it was a nice challenge to try and finish a game without losing the white cueball, which didn't happen in the end (lost it 2 times). There was also this Indiana Jones themed pinball machine that I never saw before, and ended up using 4 credits without beating any highscore..


Anyway, I'm drinking a nice autumn bock beer now before heading home tomorrow. This vacation felt refreshing and I'm ready to take on some more design projects at home. Now off to a good night sleep. 






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Today I got to borrow a friends access ticket for a CenterParks camping location and visited their luxury swimming pool. On my way there, I saw this huge crane game which was bigger than anything I've ever seen before. I didn't play it though, as the big plushies won't fit on my bike the way home. Hmm, why do I even blog about carnival games. Heh, I guess I never really grow up.


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Just came back from a trip to a local indoor karting and arcade, as an
activity present to the family due to my birthday last tuesday. Four of us
had never rode a go-kart before, so I thought it was a good challenge to
try it out. My lap times eventually came out OK, but nothing to brag about.
If I ever decide to go again, I'm sure I can improve speed a lot.
Thereafter, we ended the trip with a visit to the arcade and a fresh drink.
Enjoy the pictures, even though they came out a bit blurry.





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I'm currently enjoying a game of billiards in combination with a good Dutch
glass of beer. Seems to be a perfect combination for a game that heavily
relies on concentration and focus. Although I didn't win, I sure made some
nice moves after 4 weeks of absence. Take care!




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I've just started playing the PC version of Dust: An Elysian Tail. It's a 2D arcade-style action game by Dean 'Noogy' Dodrill paying hommage to many classic games in terms of gameplay and storyline. I'd really recommend this game if you're in for things like that. You can even enjoy it on the lowest difficulty setting and just have a relaxed trip through all the beautiful artwork, funny dialog, surprises and storytelling. Look for this game on Xbox LIVE Arcade or Steam! 





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This is the kind of review I've waited for, at first you would notice, why would I give a game most you haven't even heard of a 10? Because it's perfect? No of course not, no game can be perfect. but we all have a favorite band, game, or movie and for me, this is my favorite piece of entertainment that ever made it to my house. This game has entertained me for hours, months, and years, and I still play it every week. I think you can notice all this because of my nickname anyway. But let me explain the reasons why I like this one so much. At first, I like to point out that the game is actually pretty avarage. It's a mix up of gameplay from various other games in the genre like Earthworm Jim, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario. But it has something that no other platform game has. A huge community of online gamers, fans, and modders. Modders? Yes, this game has a level/tileset editor that actually makes it possible to expand the game with an endless amount of new levels and surprises. You can even play those levels online with others, the other players will automaticly download the levels (small sizes!) before entering the game so no internet searching is required to play custom levels online. The American publisher of this game somehow lost money on it, but surprisingly the game did very well in europe if it comes to money. Also this game is seen as a cult classic by it's developer Epic Games, and many PC gamers still see it as one of the best platformers available for their favorite platform. If you want to read more about Jazz2 or even play it, look at or search for more sources online. Now stop those evil Turtle Terrorists from taking over planet Carrotus!
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Once upon a time, a small company named ID software came up with the first person shooter genre by releasing a very popular game called Doom. This game became the inspiration for many more games of the same genre, back then, called 'Doom Clones'. Now you think, what does this have to do with the Unreal Tournament series? Well, actually it has alot to do with the creation of these series. Because the first Unreal Tournament by Epic Games, and their concurent the Quake series by ID Software, were the first who really created the term 'First Person Shooter'. Unreal Tournament wasn't just a 'Doom Clone', it had all kinds of weapons you had dreamed of, cool characters, great play areas, and of course all multiplayer action you ever wanted! Over the years, the Unreal Tournament series haven't changed that much instead of engine upgrades, better graphics, new areas, and some other minor changes to the gameplay. Even in the new Unreal Tournament III, you won't notice much changes to the gameplay. But for the fans, this doesn't really matter as it's one of the only games that include this kind of fast gameplay. Real fast, you don't need to hide behind walls for minutes to defeat your oponent, the spirit of the UT series is to move as fast as you can while still following the movements of your oponent in order to dodge his shots and make yours hit. As most weapons are still the same, most UT veterans should still know how to pull off a headshot! And if you're new to UT, you will easely get into the game with the awesome community functions like a friends list, rank list, and messages. There are enough people in the community who will want to give you hints on how to master the various weapons! After all, Unreal Tournament III is more of the same but on the other hand, it's everything the fans could wish for! The worst thing about the game I can think of is that an avarage PC can't run this game on normal framerate because the graphics are just way too awesome. So it's advised to check the system requirements before getting this game. Prepare for battle!!
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This one is for all the gaming and Nintendo fans out there. In the past piriod I've inspected the techical stuff from the old Nintendo systems and compared them to each other. All those systems are very different from todays systems like the Wii or the Xbox360. So ehh, let's begin.

The NES, or Nintendo Entertainment System, is using a ROM chip system for it's games and it will create a sort of tile engine for the displays. The sound is a very simple 'bleeping' engine, probably just from one big chip. The games are generally just a few KB's in size.

The Super Nintendo uses a similar engine to the NES but this one can display the tiles in 16Bit. It also has some build in effects like rotating and zooming. The sound has been improved too, and the games are always over 1MB of size. And don't forget that the game paks are much smaller. The SNES system was somewhat made portable with the Game Boy Advance.

The Nintendo64 has a pretty weak 3D chip for it's time which generated still pretty cool displays. Still, it's using a ROM chip system for the games instead of a disc reader, which made those game paks very expansive for the developers.

The GameCube is more like a clone from the Playstation2. It's using a disc system which is reading the discs in an opposite direction (to prevent copying), and just uses memory cards to save the game data. This is also the first Nintendo console with a litle system menu. The biggest change from the N64 to the GameCube were the graphics, ofcourse.

And we all know about the Wii right? Well, the Wii is generally just the GameCube in technical bits but then with different controls and a different menu. I Hope you have understand this!
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pcconsoleA simple poll, with a powerfull question which is bothering the world for years. Are you more into PC gaming or console gaming, or maybe both. The PC has got the biggest selection of games, but consoles are overally easier to use and don't need system requirements. Personally, I'm a PC gamer, but I'm also using consoles like the Xbox360 from time to time. Well then, add your opinion here as this is my first Groupee post which has a purpose..

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